Team News

The Men’s team entered Hot Rackets for the first time in the summer. They won their league and have been promoted to Division 2. They are entering a second team next summer.

The Ladies 2nd team won Division 2 of the Essex Small Clubs League.




Finals Day

Finals Day was held on Saturday 20th July. We had several spectators and the winners were:

Mens Finalists. From left to right, Kieron, the Umpire Andy, and Cliff

Mens Singles Winner:  Cliff

Mens Doubles Finalists, from left to right, Kieron, Andy, the Umpire Stephen, David and Cliff

Mens Doubles Winners:  Cliff and David

Mixed Doubles Finalists, from left to right, Diana, Kieron, Emma and Cliff

Mixed Doubles Winners:  Diana and Keiron

Congratulations to them all!